Thursday, 22 December 2011


Change at Aldgate EastA seething mass of confusionWaiting to meet me at YorkKilling time before the B&B openedThe weather was lovely...It's a castle made of bricks
Definitely a big brick castleAnother dreary Barracks viewHousenMelbourne StreetIf i had the money...A quick one up the alley
Another quick one up the alleyPossibly i got a bit carried away...Alright, alright, last one, i promise!Out of the alley and down to the riverParting of the waysBaiting up
Peek a booTroll BiffaOf course it doesn't look like that in real life...On the other side of the bridge, it was rainingWill this do?WD No14 WEST
A couple of days in York, a set on Flickr.

I was up there recently for a few days of rest and gentle, camera based relaxation. Enjoyed it a lot, York is a great place if you like picturesque old stuff and beer. Oh and rivers, they've got some of those too. Yes, i liked it a lot. but still not enough to be looking forward to going up there again tonight because 'the trunk driver didn't turn up and you were the only cover we could get'.

I doubt very much if i'll meet John Allison either, not unless he's unlucky enough to be driving up the A1 at midnight. He does write some bloody good comics though.

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