Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Life's little ups and downs

I was hoping to have a quiet day today, enjoying the sunshine and elaborating here on the mysterious, time warped, Malden Road Garage. Unfortunately work got in the way and it looks like it will again tomorrow.

Oh well, here's a pallet of dildos and pervy stuff, that'll have to do for the time being.

One man can now do the work of many

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

14 and 42 - Explanation and Notes (Part 1)

Well, like i said, i was a bit bored and mopey - unmotivated i suppose you could call it, so i asked for a little outside help; give me a number between 0 and 24 and another between 1 and 100 and i'll see what i can do with them i said.
So, someone comes up with 14 and 42 and someone else chips in with pi and love, just to make things interesting.

What happened next: being someone who uses them a lot, i quite like messing about with maps, me, so i did this:

View 14 42 in a larger map

It didn't turn out quite how i wanted it, for some reason the editing was a bit glitchy on my machine, but it's a fairly good start. If it works properly and you click 'view in a larger map' you should get some kind of a clue as to how 14 and 42 ended up as a spot on the map just outside Colchester town centre. Now i have an idea of what i can do with Google maps i might try adding pictures from other spots on the line, but that's getting ahead of myself, for now i'll just stick with what i got up to in Colchester.

It hadn't originally been part of the plan, but as 14.42 can be read as a time, i decided to take my pictures of the 14 42 spot at 14.42, which was handy because once i'd got myself together and driven up to Colchester it was about lunchtime. Being tight, when i arrived i hunted round the back streets for somewhere with free parking and discovered that though most of the roads were restricted till about 6pm on a Saturday, the area around Oxford road was only restricted between something like 12.30 and 1.45 pm - strange hours but good for me, all i had to do was potter about Colchester for an hour or so and i'd be able to come back and park safely for free for the rest of the day. Nice.

So, off i went up to the big Tescos at the Hythe to kill some time and get a bottle of water, which i did, then headed back toward Malden road. On the way i spotted this place:

Ancient and Modern

First time i've ever seen a scrambler done in pargetting. The bloke from the tattoo parlour saw me clicking away and came out to ask me what i was up to, when i explained that i was just a clueless but innocent camera monkey he seemed quite relieved and went back inside. Better than someone from the council snooping about i suppose.

By the time i'd finished playing tag with the cars outside the tattoo parlour it was getting on for half past one, i didn't want to miss the 14.42 shot so i got back in the van and got a move on. By about quarter past two i was parked up in Oxford road and ready to get snapping. Off i went down Malden road to the spot that was, as far as i could tell by dead reckoning and guesswork, at about the 14 and 42 point. I expected to find some fairly ordinary Victorian era houses, i found something a wee bit more unusual. I don't have time to go on about it tonight, there's workies tomorrow and i need to be off to bed, i'll post another thrilling instalment when i next get a minute. For the moment you'll have to make do with this:

Looking up Malden Road

Nighty night!

Friday, 23 September 2011

14 and 42

I've been suffering from a few minor but annoying little niggles recently; work on nice sunny days, being too tired and achey to take advantage of nice sunny days when i'm off, generally rubbish weather and/or generally rubbish health. All in all i've ended up a bit mopey and in need of a good kick start. Having asked for a little outside help, things are now in the offing and with luck i should have something to show for it but about this time tomorrow. I believe the phrase is 'watch this space'. Don't get too excited though, it'll probably just be more skips or something...

Good Lord! Is that the time? I'd best be off to bed. Nighty night!

Friday, 16 September 2011

See, i told you it was all...

I haven't owned a telly for just over ten years now, mainly because i'm too tight to pay the license fee and too fat and lazy to blag it. That and the fact there's very little i believe worth watching and a great many better things to occupy my time.
Anyway, there is a programme called Downton Abbey, it got a mention on this morning's Today programme, i'm with A N Wilson on this one. (At about 1.21 if the clip plays properly)

Now, i am very tired and there's workies tomorrow, the skip pictures will just have to wait, it's bedtime!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

...and nothing at all to do with dentistry

I stumbled upon this while looking at something else and posted it for the simple reason it reminds me of my dear chum Young Spot who i've known since his days as a student at the Royal London in Whitechapel. The lad is now an accomplished and successful dentist who still responds with a cheery chuckle to each scream or howl for mercy. Hurty cream? Yes, he'd buy that.

Me? I met up with some old chums over the weekend who, after many years, are getting their band back together for a few gigs. This is made slightly more complicated by the fact that their bassist now lives in Germany, though he managed to get over at the weekend for rehearsals and extensive drinking. Their sometime roadie and old mate of mine El Ramon,who resides over in Catalonia these days, also made it over and a jolly good time was had by all.
In front of the skip, behind the pub
We finished off on Monday morning with a little stroll around Shepherds Bush and the enormous Westfield shopping centre - all very impressive but i still prefer a good high street, me, - it's not proper shopping without the traffic fumes and rain. We even found a dustcart!
Shepherds Bush Dustcart

And now, for some unknown reason, my legs have seized up above the knees and i can barely walk, which is a shame cos it was a nice day today and i was hoping to get out for a wander with the camera. Oh well, should make work interesting tomorrow. Doctors? Pah!

Friday, 2 September 2011

That foam around my mouth is not from the coffee...

I'm sitting here with the Radio 4 Today programme on in the background. They are discussing Syria's 'weapons of mass destruction'. Oh dear. As far as i know they still haven't found Saddam's ones yet, remember those, the ones our governments invaded Iraq over? I know i shouldn't get worked up about things i can't do anything about, that's been emphatically proved time and again, just look at how effective that 'Don't attack Iraq' march was up in central London, quite a few people turned up for that one and look where it got us...

Still, i sit here, foaming at the mouth and shouting at the radio, Libya, Syria, Bahrain and all the rest, what we get told by our media says more about our governments than what's actually happening. Really, i should just switch it off and get on with life, it's a nice day and i'm not working.