Sunday, 21 August 2011

Shameless plug

My old mate Mr Green has a band. It's called The Sick Notes and it goes something like this:

The Sick Notes have a support spot coming up at a nice pub noted for its stone baked pizzas. I'm not sure if that's a good thing as far as pubs are concerned, i may have to get down there myself and do some research.

Rockin Albion

Saturday, 20 August 2011

So tough i forgot to give it a title...

Good morning world.
It's been a tough week, tough couple of weeks in fact. Having bills to pay makes it very difficult to say no when the phone rings and there's a job at the other end of it. So, lots of 5am starts and long, 12 or 14 hour days - not too many of course, that would mean trouble with tacho and working time regs, but enough to leave me tired, achey and in need of a whole day spent in quiet rest and relaxation, which is exactly what i've been up to today. Next week i intend to cut back on the work and try to fit a bit more fun into the mix, one of the bills i was working so hard to pay off was for my new camera, there's no point in buying it if i don't get out and use the bloody thing!

 The trouble with being this tired is it makes any kind of concious thought a serious effort, mind you, the beer probably doesn't help... one thing i did notice recently is a strange and striking similarity between comments made by the highly intellectual and respected professor David Starkey and my dear old granddad who used to warn me not to touch darkies or it would rub off. Granddad of course was only joking, Mr Starkey on the other hand really ought to know better. I suspect that if you take any poor, deprived and socially excluded underclass you'll find much nastiness and criminality, whatever part of the world they're from, it's just what evolves to enable people to survive the conditions they have to live in. Look at our own home grown Chavs, or the barrios in Brazil, or the gang culture in the good ole land of the free USA. It's not some exclusive Black thing, it comes back to what i said earlier, treat people like shit and they act like shit. You don't need to be a genius to work that one out. Or a professor.

 Once again, stolen from Belinda's facebook:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The smouldering wreckage

The smouldering wreckage by roadscum
The smouldering wreckage, a photo by roadscum on Flickr.
For years, since the Thatchists in the 1980s, we've sat back and watched as the fat besuited shits looted the country, paying themselves salaries and bonuses bigger than most people would earn from a lifetime of hard work, all the while telling us to work harder for less and carving away what little job security and benefits we might have had. We must be flexible, we must be competitive, we must accept whatever crumbs we are given and be glad for them.
Bank bailouts, MP's expenses, phone hacking and police backhanders, do as we say, don't do as we do.
They tell us society is dead and we must all look after ourselves.

Then they get all upset when some of us follow their example and do exactly that.

Edit: This turned up on a friend's facebook page, the bloke interviewed here has it absolutely spot on: