Sunday, 14 August 2011

The smouldering wreckage

The smouldering wreckage by roadscum
The smouldering wreckage, a photo by roadscum on Flickr.
For years, since the Thatchists in the 1980s, we've sat back and watched as the fat besuited shits looted the country, paying themselves salaries and bonuses bigger than most people would earn from a lifetime of hard work, all the while telling us to work harder for less and carving away what little job security and benefits we might have had. We must be flexible, we must be competitive, we must accept whatever crumbs we are given and be glad for them.
Bank bailouts, MP's expenses, phone hacking and police backhanders, do as we say, don't do as we do.
They tell us society is dead and we must all look after ourselves.

Then they get all upset when some of us follow their example and do exactly that.

Edit: This turned up on a friend's facebook page, the bloke interviewed here has it absolutely spot on:

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