Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Spin spin the little wheel!

Workies has gone a bit quiet, giving me a very welcome chance to rest, relax and catch up on all the little jobs that need doing round the flat. Wait, what am i talking about here? Housework? Oh sod that for a game of marbles, where's me computer..?

I've got more 14 and 42ish stuff to be doing, (go on, you thought i'd forgotten about that, didn't you?) both finishing the tale of my trip to the Colchester end and sorting out some new stuff about the other end of the line at Barking.

That's all going to take me a while, so to keep you entertained as i faff about and procrastinate, here's a little something about somewhere i've spent many a happy hour travelling round, South East England's glorious road to nowhere.

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