Wednesday, 5 October 2011

14 and 42 - A time-warped garage and some spooky steps

Ah, this is all taking much longer than i'd hoped, oh well...

Anyway, back to where i left off last time; at pretty much the exact end of the line give or take a hundred yards or so, which in forty two miles isn't much, i found something a bit strange - a garage, little more than a few petrol pumps and a workshop barely big enough to fit two cars inside. Nothing particularly unusual you might be thinking, and you'd be right - if you were talking about somewhere around about 1973.
The 14 and 42 picture taken at 14.42

Definitely some kind of time warpIf you look closely you can see what looks like a Vauxhall Viva and an MGB inside. Even stranger, the petrol pumps appeared to serve modern fuel, the middle one at least being marked up for Anglo unleaded. The place was very firmly closed when i visited on the Saturday, i may have to make a return trip in the week sometime and see if it is indeed still open. All very life on Mars if you ask me.

Spooky stepsWell i thought it looked a bit creepyI was a bit annoyed with myself for spending too much time faffing around earlier, the light had been good in the morning but the clouds had now closed in and the skies were now overcast and grey, the nice crisp shadows were gone, as was much of my enthusiasm. Still, i was where i was, i might as well soldier on and try to do something with it. I messed about trying to get some decent pictures of the large Victorian houses lining the road and ended up frustrated with a bunch of sub streetview pictures. There was one particular place on the corner that caught my eye, a sprawling, vaguely Gothic looking pile with the front garden a metre or so above street level. There was a slight but definite spooky feel to it which i did my best to capture.

I still ended up somewhat disappointed with the results, though at least i got something. I am very tempted to go back sometime when the weather is a bit brighter and have another go, though thinking about it, it might be worth a try in the rain as well.

Right, that's enough for the time being, i'm off to bed.

(Oh and my apologies for the somewhat random arrangement of words and pictures, it all went a bit funny and i couldn't work out how to sort it out.)

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