Thursday, 30 June 2011

Progress of a sort

Well, yesterday didn't go quite as well as it could have insofar as i spent much of the day arsing about on the computer. Still, got a couple of boxes filled and had a go at getting a picture of that bike shadow.
Then, late last night, while i sat going plinky plonk plink on the bass, it all kicked off at the kids home oposite and i was entertained for an hour or so by a couple of the inmates - teenage girls at that difficult and stroppy stage - and a couple of their dim but noisy boyfriends - weaselly little gits attracted by the fresh meat - running rings round a couple of furious young coppers who so desperately wanted to give the darlings a good slap but were frustratingly constrained by the RULES and the fact that i was eyeballing the whole thing from up here. I actually felt quite sorry for them - the coppers - still, you can't just go around slapping people when they need it,can you? We'd end up like Egypt or Libya or Russia wouldn't we? Instead of like America which is a happy land of peace and freedom. Isn't it?
I ended up, once the girls were captured and returned to the zoo and their admirers, bored with pig baiting, wandered off in search of new mischief, round a neighbours, sitting on the floor sharing a meal of home made curry and chapatis  in the company of a houseful of Pakistani students, discussing life, computers and semi automatic hand guns. He used to be in the French Foreign Legion and got shot in the head in Iraq. It's a funny old world.

Today, a trip to the doctors about the leg, concerned looks and antibiotics and yes, it is infected. Later, more box filling and a small treat - ordered a new laptop to replace this creaky old thing. Still didn't get out for that walk, looks like i'd better get around to it soon though, doesn't it?

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