Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Motivationally challenged

I'm having a little trouble getting up off my fat arse and getting stuff done, so, as a stick to prod meself with, here is a little 'to do' list for today. Let's see how i get on, eh?

  • Shower - Done! i am clean and pleasantly fragrant
  • Process Ilford pictures - struggling - yer can't polish a turd!
  • Fill a box with stuff - One full, a second on it's way. Just as painful as i expected, stirring up dust and old memories. Needs to be done though. - Ok, three done now, that's enough for today.   
  • Get out, walk, take pictures - It's pissing down and i've spent all day struggling with ghosts, choking on dust and packing boxes, are you sure?
  • Write something - does this qualify...? NO! Possibly... Maybe... Perhaps...

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