Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Well i wasn't expecting that!

The homehub thing was being a pig and, as you may have noticed, i was beginning to get a bit irritated. By about 10pm i'd given up any hope of fixing the problem myself - fixing? I wasn't even sure what the problem was. I felt like a monkey messing about with a - well, messing about with a computer, a slightly inaccurate assessment insofar as i don't have a tail - ape then. There was only one thing left to try, the option of last resort, the world of endless frustration and mind boggling 'please unplug the equipment then plug it back in, i'm reading this from a card and only have slightly less idea what's going on than you do' stupidity that is BT technical support. Everything i'd ever heard about them was bad, from mates who work in IT to Radio 4 comedians, i'd not heard a good word said about them, this was the last step before phoning the glazier to fix the router shaped hole in the front room window 'oh look, there's a telephone out here too... hang on, he's asking if you've tried unplugging it and...' After a smallish bit of automated switchboard 'press 1 for...' i got through to a very Indian technical support bod. Much to my surprise he didn't ask me to unplug or switch off anything and listened patiently while i told him my woes and read out the string of error messages and what i'd tried to fix them. He then proceeded, over the course of the next couple of hours, to thoroughly and completely sort things out with absolutely no frustration or stupidity and the bare minimum of 'reading things off a card' - a bit about re-siting my router to minimize RF interference. In one fell swoop, Mr BT technical support bod turned my world upside down, everything i'd ever heard about BT support went out the window, this bloke didn't just know what he was doing, he was good at it, bloody good. He went through my old Dell desktop and my Homehub like a dose of salts and then, from what little i could tell from my end, appeared to give the local exchange servers a bit of a poke as well. At the end of it all everything was working properly and my broadband speed was better than its ever been. I have to say, i was impressed, and in a good way. Mr BT technical support, out there in India, thank you sir, you did a damn fine job!

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